Olli Pitkänen (voc), Hape Haavikko (guitar), Antti Luokkanen (guitar, back voc), Atte Visuri (bass), Simo Ojanen (drums)

Olli Pitkänen (Photo © Emmi Kähkönen) Olli Pitkänen uses binoculars backwards to see close. In the band he sings, writes lyrics and makes the vocal melodies. Usually he’s the first one to grow tired of staying at home - and starts yearning for the next tour. He allegedly escaped from Never Never land.

Hape Haavikko (Photo © Emmi Kähkönen) Hape Haavikko does most of the composing and plays the guitar. He runs his own Fakiiri Audio recording studio, which also serves as a rehearsal place for The Spyro.

Antti Luokkanen (Photo © Emmi Kähkönen) Antti Luokkanen plays the guitar and sings "la-la-laas" and "whoo-oo-oos". Makes people laugh during soundchecks by singing german dance hits or Finnish oldies goldies.

Atte Visuri (Photo © Emmi Kähkönen) Atte Visuri is the new kid on the block. He loves to poison simple (dull?) pop tunes with his crazy jazz bass licks. And even though jumping up and down in photo shoot sessions might feel like torture to him, he threatens to go totally psycho on stage!

Simo Ojanen (Photo © Emmi Kähkönen) Simo Ojanen plays the drums like Animal! He's twice as tall as the rest of us and likes gay giraffe tattoos.


Former members

Toni Korhonen (bass 2008 - 2012)