Ahoy, Ahoy -RedFive session July 2011

WTF and why? Who knows but The Spyro hit the studio again. Spare Parts For Perfect People hasn't even been released yet and we are already doing new stuff. Of course you can buy SPFPP from pre-sale right n-o-w!

Well, we are in a creative mood and we are participating a split collection album this fall with 5-6 excellent Finnish bands. You´ll hear more about the split record later.

Day one

We'd been rehearsing one brand new song, and one of our oldest songs 'Desert Cube' for the sessions. Saturday started from our home base Fakiiri Audio Studio, Tikkurila where we packed the gear to my car. Then we headed to the RedFive Studio which is also located in Tikkurila, Vantaa.

This time the studio was so near that Antti, Hape and Toni walked there. Hooray for these tireless hikers! They also saved one grandma on their way to the studio, Antti and Hape called for an ambulance and Toni gave her mouth to mouth;)

Toni K at Red5The chief who runs RedFive studio is Mr. Toni Kimpimäki, man behind many artists from different genres; punk, rock, ska, reggae and schlager. Some names he had worked with: Brightboy, The Rasmus, Clarkkent, LWD and Laura Voutilainen (Simo's favourite?)

First we recorded drums and bass tracks for both songs and our boys did a great job. Next it was Hape's turn to caress some sweet chords from... OMG.. Antti´s telecaster. Then Antti with his guitar, then some keyboards by Hape and all of a sudden we were ready. Next day was devoted for vocals and backing vocals.

We finished Saturdays session by the river. Some cold beverages by the beautiful Kerava river..

Day two

Tapsa and FreddieSunday, beautiful sunshine and three little birds singing harmonically.. but why the F*** it´s seven o'clock in the morning. Sessions start at 12 pm. Well, some Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp from telly, some tissues and.. Oops, wrong blog, let's get to the point.

I started my part and sang lead vocals and backing vocals for the new song and 'Desert Cube'. I was on fire and my throat was oiled properly with honey, tea, water and Pirkka-beer. The spirits of Nik Kershaw, Duran Duran and I'm very sad to say this but, Fred Durst were floating in the air on this hot sunday. When Antti, Simo and Hape did some backing choir tracks the tension went little bit further. I must say their intensity reminded me from GG Allin ;).

Finally we were ready and satisfied. We left Mr. Recorder to do his part. Over and out.