December mania at the E-Studio

The demand of getting some new Spyro material on tape had grown intolerable by the end of the year 2009. Since we had produced, recorded and mixed all out previous material by ourselves, this time we had decided to hire the producer Jyri Riikonen to be our mastermind in the sessions. The magic happened at the E-Studio at the Cable Factory in Helsinki, a nice setting with loads of multicultural wibes all around. The plan was to record three songs: Braces In My Brain, Waterfall and a new version of We're The Libertines.

The first day started by loading in the gear. We were only prepared to do some sound checking and other preparations the first evening, but after just a couple of hours all the drum and percussion tracks were nailed! So, as we were ahead of the planned schedule, we headed to a pub for some refreshments.

Days 2 and 3 were dedicated to guitar and bass work: trying all possible combinations of guitars, pick ups and cabinets, and fine tuning sounds. And Jyri dropped some keyboard tracks to the songs as well, just to make the sound a bit more warm and full... which almost leaded to us wrestling in the snow as the tracks started to sound a bit too technoish :)

After all the instruments were safely on tape (as if anyone uses tape these days... damn Pro Tools), Olli and Antti took turns in singing the vocals and background vocals. Long lonely hours in the dark vocal booth for the guys, resulting in excellent voc tracks for the rest of us to enjoy. Now the material is in Jyris hands, can't wait to hear the final mixes!

Some fooling around at the studio on YouTube