ET09 Day 2: Getting to Hamburg - a long day in The Van, and a nice destination

After a long and soothing sleep we were ready for serious action (although Simo seemed to have quite agonizing hangover). On day 2 we were supposed to take over southern Sweden, Denmark and Northern Germany. To amuse ourselves In the car we played a silly game where you name a band or artist and the next player has to name one that starts with the letter the previous ends in. Metallica - Arja Havakka - Abba - Anthrax - (X is the most fuckin' difficult one, let's skip it) Helloween- and so on. This went on for hours...

In Denmark we had to take two ferries and there was time to enjoy some frehresments (read: Danish beer, Tuborg) Olli and Toni were the drivers for day two. It would have been nice to stay in Denmark for a while but we just drove through. We had a hostel waiting in Hamburg and of course The Reeperbahn. ”St Pauli ja Reeperbahn - sinne veri vetää uudestaan" - Finnish Schlager by Irwin Goodman.

We arrived quite late to Hamburg but there still was time to check out some wonders of the sin city... We seem to be somewhat boring though - mostly beer drinking, red wine, few cocktails, promotion and photographing. What a wonder, but none of the ladies of the night (the ones who got our stickers) ever arrived to our gig next day. They seemed so nice and helpful at the time. Oh Well.