ET09 Day 3: first gig @ The Academy, Hamburg, ”Rod Steward day”

No hurry this morning, we had enough time to sleep after big night out. Olli found a local bakery shop with delicious rolls while the others were still sleeping. There was also a Finnish hamburger restaurant in Reeperbahn, but we didn't stop there. When the other guys woke up, we headed straight to see if the car and gear were still there - and they were. So why not celebrate it with Currywurst and Radler. Toni had a little happy accident : he ordered a beer and a coke, but he got himself a radler (or Diesel to be more precise), wich is a mixture of these two, german speciality. It was good and the nightmares of previous night with transvestites were suddenly wiped away.

Toni, Antti and Simo got themselves tour tattoos.Reeperbahn and its emancipates atmosphere culminated to unforgettable souvenirs. Simo, Antti and Toni took tour tattoos as we finally found a Danish tattoo shop that was open, after searching through the city and finding only closed ones. There guys now have new little stars with Spyro red inside. Olli and Hape went for a lager, Zouwi took photos.

After getting the tattoos it was time for little grooming. In Ali Barbers shop Toni was tuned into condition. German speaking barber cut his hair and dropped some eye drops into Toni's tomato eyes. It helped. Soon we found the place we were supposed to play in the evening. The Academy was an Irish pub with a stage for live acts. Quite nice and cosy place.

Before gig there was some time to make promotion, we found a passed out hobo and we spyrofied his shoulder with The Spyro sticker. Later we saw this guy walking like a zombie on the street with our sticker with him. Cheap advertising! We also found a wanking hobo, but didn't dare to touch him.

At last it was time for load in and sound check. The PA at The Academy wasn't really a dream come true for Zouwi, but we managed to do the sound check properly. The second act of the evening was Six Simple Songs from Hamburg. Nice fellows and good tunes. Their singer Daniel had lived in Rovaniemi as a child and speaks good finnish.

The Spyro at The AcademyWe started to play around 10 pm and already there was about 40-50 people and as our set went on, more people came inside. The pubs doors were open and people could hear the music to the street. We had it going on well. Nice staff of the pub had been delivering us enough beverages and there was three Finns in the audience. One of them is reporter for Finland´s biggest radio station. Feeling was very cosy. We played and audience clapped their hands. Nobody really threw theirs knickers to the stage but we felt that they really liked us. We played our new song Braces In My Brains for the first time and as an Encore we played It Could Be You.

After our set Six Simple Songs started. They had one cover song; Depeche Mode's It's no Good. They covered it quite well :) They had just released an album which they were advertising, and we got a copy also. Thanks dudes!

Our guitar player Antti had earlier pribed the younger bartender with Swedish snuff (you know, the disgusting tobacco like stuff you put under your lip), and this nice fella kept on pouring us amazing burning and dazzling drinks and local lager. He also taught us some polish. We spend a nice night in the pub and the owner wellcomed us there again. We left our gear at the backstage and barhopped to another place: London pub. In London pub there was bunch of guys who were celebrating Rod Steward day. The jukebox was strained with coins and the guys chose only Rod´s songs. They also said that Rod Steward is the most handsome man in the world. Fuckin' Reeperbahn is twisted, no normal titties and girls but transvestites and gays who like Rod!! We definitely must come again =)

After London Pub Daniel from Six Simple Songs (SSS?) took us to another bar wich yours truly can´t remember any more. Antti fell asleep and rested his head against a pint in the table, but no worries - Barmaid just raised Antti´s head when she collected the pint. Back to the hostel, good night Hamburg. Vielen Dank.