ET09 Day 4: Off to Berlin

Berlin, here we come!Rise and Shine! Shower, Döner-breakfast and goodbyes to Hamburg. About 300 kilometres to Berlin. Simo was driving, others had a nap time. Originally we had booked a gig to Knaack Club in Berlin but due to schedules we had to cancel the gig.

Most of us arrived to Berlin for the first time. Berlin is still a controversial city; Ossie side and Wessie side for example have different kind of trafficlights.

At the Berlin WallWe took our backpacks to hostel and then we headed to the city. This was a day off and we were the Tourists! We ate some Mexican food and drank some tequila while waiting Ollis friends Jens and David. The German guys were supposed to show us the Berlin Wall and kinky rock bars of Berlin. So we went to the wall and took some group photos and did an disgusting act, we disgraced the wall in very nasty way (ollaus). On the other hand, the river and lights of the restaurants in the riverbank were looking nice and we headed to Kreuzberg. Cool, cosy bars and nice people. We could easily live in Berlin and conquer the world from there. More Döner and straight to bed. Thanks Jens and Dave! Berlin: we will be back!

Mexican food and radlers