ET09 Day 5: Tarzan lives in Poland, second gig @ Molotov cafe

Traffic jam in PolandI have never sat in a car for so long as we did in Poland, and never again I will. It was only about 650 kilometres, but it took freaking 12 hours. The roads in Poland are not in the best shape and there was construction works all along the way. While waiting in one traffic jam we heard Tarzan shouting from a thick green forest and I can assure you it wasn't hallusination. Or maybe all the six of us were delusional.

Hape had started to drive at 8am, Antti and Olli had their driving turns also, and finally after 7pm we arrived to Olsztyn. And wow, what a beautiful town! Nice old buildings and promenades, terraces and beautiful women. We also saw our posters while driving the Spyrovan on one promenade. The Molotov Cafe was cool two story rock bar. It was Wednesday and the barkeeper said that there's usually people only on weekends, but yet there were already some people sitting inside. We did a quick load-in and sound check. We were supposed to play at 9pm and had no time for shower or any other luxuries of that kind...

The Spyro at Molotov CafeAfter sound check we went to grab a quick dinner, and met Ollis friends Antti and Mariana who live in Poland at the moment. We though that even though only these two friend show up at the gig, let's give them one hell of a show. Back in the bar there were more people, great. Maybe 30-40 people had come to see The Spyro. When we started, nearly no one was sitting. People were dancing and jumping straight from the start. The place wasn't so big and these people nearly filled the floor and suddenly there was magic in the air. Thank you guys!! Encore: It Could Be You.

Paulinka and OlliAfter the gig we stayed at Molotov Cafe for few hours, enjoyed some Zubr (Polish beer) and chatted with the members of the audience. We got great feedback and somebody analysed our lyrics quite precisely. We got new friends and tattooed one blond guy with our autographs. Thanks for Klaudia and Paulinka, who drew an guardian angel to The Spyro Vans table. Now we are safe.

The friendly Russian barkeeper took us to his apartment for 3 hours of sleep. All the designated drivers were in so touched feelings that Zouwi, our sound god, had to do the driving. Only in Poland- no need for Finnish driver´s license;)