ET09 Day 6: Road to Riga

Hello Riga!Only 570 km today!?!?! Simo driving, others sleeping. We left Poland and drove through Lithuania. Today we were supposed to meet the Australian band The Happy Endigs on a gig at Club Depo. We had been in contact with the guys and organised one gig to Helsinki with them. We had also delivered their CD to Finnish radios.

We arrived to Riga in good time and found our hostel easily from the centre. The town is said to be "Paris of the North" and it is very beautiful. Club Depo was a great rockbar, two story as in Poland but a lot bigger. Really dark and cool. There were five bands playing this time. Our turn was as second. We started our sound check first as there were no other bands present when we arrived. So we threw out the house backline, loaded our own gear on stage and Zouwi did what he could. Afterwards people praised Zouwi for the sounds he had made for us.

When we started playing there weren't too many people around, maybe 30-50. There were also two Finnish people. Funny thing about our Euro Tour 2009 is that in every gig we played there were Finns. They are like goddamn plague ;)

We did our best and audience liked us, but only few people dancing this time. We got to play our encore again. It went well and next time in Riga heads are going to explode when they know our music better.

There were Latvian music reporters and they wrote a gigreport, which you can read on

The Happy Endings at Club DepoRest of the evening we spend listening to The Happy Endings and getting acquainted with Rigas bars with the Aussie guys. Happy Times, hooray, hooray hooray!