ET09 Day 7: On the 7th day god created Ammerock

Riga-Tartu 250km, childs play. Pizza and champion soup breakfast, little drive and soon we were in Estonia. Tartu is also beautiful town. From Tartu to Vasulas where Ammerock was held it was about 15km. We arrived in good time there, about 6pm.

Amme RockFestival site was build near the Amme-river. There was a stage, backstage-area, beer and seljanka kiosks, camping area and Sauna! The tentsauna was build just for this festival. We met Mart Käiro, who is the organizer of the festival and he told that we can eat and drink as much food and and drinks as there is and that The Spyro would be the last performer of Friday night at 1.30 am. Sweet! No hurry to the stage this time.

We headed straight to the sauna and swimming. New men are made in the waters of holy Amme-river. In the backstage-area pork and eel (fish) were grilled and they tasted magnificent. Potatoes, salads, pickles - you name it, we ate it.

Audience at Amme RockEstonian people were very friendly. Speaker Onu Bella held up the good spirit. The night crew darker and the lights of the stage started to look good. Before our set, Smashed Nail Sister - a band from Estonia agitated the crowd almost to climax. Our first big festival gig was about to start and there were hundreds of people... Nobody really counted, but there were plenty of them!

The Spyro at Amme RockZouwi started our introtape, fog machines puffed fog to the stage and we started with the song Desert Cube. It was all bouncing on top of the clouds from there, we played a full set and the audience tried to turn over the riot fences. We handed over our CDs to the crowd and feeling was mad!! Great gig x 1000. Aitäh!

After the gig the parties at the festival site ended but continued at a after party. In an old pigsty people jammed and had good time. We spyrofied few passed out citizens and at dawn headed to a big army tent to sleep. The Spyro and Australian band Chevrolet Rise shared this accommodation.

The morning was fucking awful. The tent was about as hot as the sauna last night, and there was no oxygen, and no mattresses. But good Seljanka soup and and cold lemonade saved the morning. Sauna and swimming and day off.