ET09 Day 8 and 9: Recovering and letting Loose again

The Saturday at Ammerock was mostly for recovering, finding humanity and replacing the animal with man. Our fellow Estonians were nice and came to talk to us about yesterdays gig. Some of them spoke only Estonian and - ma ei räägi eesti keelt - or something, but it didn't matter that much =)

We decided to get a hotel room from Tartu. One night in real bed and hot shower could do wonders for us. We found real good hotel from the centre and went to eat. In the evening we returned to see The Happy Endings gig in Ammerock and talked with them about Sundays early leaving to Tallinn and ferry journey to Helsinki, Finland.

Jesse, Josh, Olli and a giant bird on the boat to HelsinkiOn Sunday we drove about 200 kilometres to catch the ferry. On a Tallink ship we had time to teach some finnish for Aussies and get ready (read: drink Finnish Karhu) for our Euro Tours last gig in Bar Loose. Home sweet home Helsinki. We drove straight from the Harbour to Bar Loose, had load in and sound check. Loose has good facilities for playing - we recommend!

The Spyro at Bar LooseIt was Sunday and The Spyro started to play 9pm. There were only 20-30 people around, but we just wanted to play as good as we could. Slowly people were flowing into Bar Loose and finally it became a rock gig. Aussies were bringing us drinks to stage. They made these fantastic tasting cacacha drinks at backstage. Limes were cut with a hacksaw - a strange ritual. We revenged with Jallu shots while they were playing ;)

The Happy Endings at Bar LooseFive gigs in seven days - it is not mission impossible. We would do it again any time. Thank you everyone who participated to this tour and all apologies =)

Set list through Euro Tour 2009:

  1. Desert Cube
  2. Don't Show Your Weakness
  3. We're the Libertines
  4. Where Have All The Bad Girls gone (not in Riga and Helsinki)
  5. Hostile Voices
  6. I'm Not The One
  7. Plain and Simple
  8. Braces In My Brains
  9. Have I Been Followed
  10. Bordello
  11. Ungrateful Fuck
  12. [encore] It Could Be You