Euro Tour 2009: Day 1, off we go!

In the haze of morning we left from Helsinki/Espoo/Vantaa towards Naantali to catch a ferry to Kapellskär, Sweden. The night before we had packed our gear to the Spyrovan. There still was enough room for 5 musicians and one sound technician to revel. On this tour we had a new sound tech Zouwi, and only after arriving to Naantali he revealed that he didn't have a drivers license... Sad, but if you read the whole story, you´ll be surprised that in Poland you don´t necessarily need a license :)

In Naantali Antti finally drove the van to the ship. The ferry journey took about 7 hours and they served two buffet meals on the way, no complains about that. We celebrated the beginning of the tour with some red wine and cheap beer on the sunny deck.

In Sweden we started to drive towards Jönköping, little town in southern Sweden where we had our hotel rooms waiting. The drive took about 5-6 hours, but Simo and Hape escorted our posse there nice and smooth. During the drive the others were getting familiar with swedish beer. It´s sold ice cold but the alcohol percentage is so low, you have to drink loads of it. Finally (when we had got a good taste of Falcon, Norrlands Guld and Pripps Blå), we realised that alcohol itself has diuretic effects. Duct tape, empty bottles, scissors, Leatherman tool and imagination can do wonders when you are desperate...

The hotel in Jönköping was clean and nice. We had allready planned the room order and what to do when arriving there. Somebody took a shower while others enjoyed some Jaloviina - Noble spirit from three wise men. We had to celebrate the opening of the tour. Of course.

So we took a taxi to Jönköping centre and found out that the only rock bar in town was closed. So we went to a near by pub where nicely dressed cool men and women smoked tobacco from water pipes. We decided to stick with beer. The city was beautiful and tidy and reminded me of ”The Stepford Wives” movie :) We ended our first evening in the Scottish pipes pub. Surely we did some promotion also. But was there some underwear under the Kilt of the bartender?