Leg two of the Baltic tour

Tallinn, October 23rd

Our Friday morning started with operation Wake Up the Sound Guru Zouwi (who had had his every-Thursday-TV-broadcast thing the night before, and was a bit shaky still). After finally getting Zouwi up and his gear into the van, we were ready to board the ferry. On the two-and-half hour ferry trip we had just enough time to grab some lunch, a few beers and an overdose of Finnish humppa and karaoke. And of course we needed to get at least one Jaloviina for the road :)

In Tallinn Toni drove us to Rock Cafe, where the other bands had already arrived. What a great place! Good stage, large PA, decent backstage, nice staff. All you could hope for. So everything went quite smoothly from a quick load in to proper sound checks for all bands.

The first phase of the evening started already at 18:00, with a show for the under aged rockers. Decode played first, followed by The Spyro. The crowd had clearly come to see the Bedwetters, and during the first one or two Spyro songs they were just standing around and waiting. But after a few minutes, people really started to warm up and enjoy the show. And by the end of the show everybody had gone crazy (including the band).

The Spyro @ Rockcafe, Tallinn 23.10.2009

After our first gig we had some spare time, so we headed to the old centre of Tallinn to enjoy the evening with our Estonian friends. Soon it was time to head back to Rock Cafe, where the under-18yo people had been kicked out and replaced by a handful of older music fans. The second gig was a blast as well, and the happy Spyromaniacs enjoyed the rest of the evening Spyrofying the other bands, the fans, and pretty much everyone who came across. One way or another, in the morning we all found our selves in the accommodation booked for us by Rock Cafe. Simple and cousy Mahtra-hostel was very far from the center of Tallinn but it had beds and shower and that´s enough.

Pärnu, October 24th

As the distance from Tallinn to Pärnu is not that long, we had plenty of time to eat breakfast and relax in the morning. After spending a few hours in a pub in Old Tallinn with some funny Swedish blokes and Jägermeister, we finally navigated the Spyrovan towards Pärnu. It wasn't too easy to find the Dekadendz Club, but when found it turned out to be a really cosy punk/rock club in the basement of a movie theatre.

After loading in our gear we had plenty of time to spend in Pärnu. So we had a quick bite, went shopping for some refreshments and hit a home party. Things started to look a bit too tired and gloomy, so we headed back to Dekadendz to gather the energy from the full scale punk party going on there. The first two bands of the night (No Fun and Conflict OK!) had got the people dancing and partying like maniacs, so we were a bit sceptical on how they would react to our more easy going indie rock... but it turned out to be an unnecessary concern! From the first song to the last of The Spyro gig, we were giving our best and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. Don´t know if it´s a local habit or not but one gloomy looking rocker guy tested Olli´s and Antti´s testicles during the show, ouch! But the show had to go on despite of the sore nuts =)

After the show we had some time to see the legendary J.M.K.E. perform, but then we had to head back to Tallin to catch the morning ferry back to Helsinki. In Tallinn we even had time for a short nap before going on board, and returning to home base.

Again a huge thanks to all the people who came to the shows, who we had a chat with, who played with us and all the rest of you also :) Now we're just anxious to start the preproduction of our upcoming single release, and of course to do the gig with Bedwetters in Semifinal (Helsinki) on Saturday 7.11.!