Pimp My Ride – Tour bus edition with The Spyro

Van1 Cool decorations in The Spyro Van Spyro effects! Removing the seats Cool decorations in The Spyro Van

Preparing for our Summer 09 euro tour, we spent one sunny Sunday tuning the Spyro Van. The brand new van will be our home for long hours during the summer, so we wanted to make it cozy and nice. Well okay, the van is not brand new really, but super cool anyways =)

The afternoon was started by Hape fixing the broken cooling fan at the studio. It makes the rehearsal sessions a lot more comfortable – and now we always have at least one fan!!

On the van we started by removing one pair of seats – we really don’t need 11 seats in the van. Simo had brought a power grinder, so cutting of the seats was no problem… Now we had a lot more space for the gear in the back of the van, and yet we could leave the nice kitchen section in place. You never know when you get the urge to cook some noodles on the road.

After removing and re attaching the table in the passenger section, we decided it was time for a break. So: fire up the grill, throw in the sausages, grab a beer and enjoy the sun for a while. Good enough plan for us.

With full stomachs we tried to fix the vans stuck side door. With the always effective Brute Force method we succeeded, but not permanently. By the end of the day the side door was stuck again. The real art of car pimpin’ is in the cosmetic stuff, so we removed some old tapings from the sides of the van, added some carpeting inside, and finished the look with three disco balls. Cool!

The Spyro Van is now ready to be road tested next Friday at Suisto (Hämeenlinna).