ROCK IN FINGLISH - Compilation Album In Stores Now!

Last year in 2012 a group of Finnish rock bands (Lucy was driving, Clarkkent, Fumble, The Spyro and Stonetone) teamed up with indie label Johnny Get The Rifle and Atomic Spa Studios to create a compilation album. "It's been clear for sometime now that it's uncommon for finnish rock bands to really work together for each others benefit. Sure you can see it happening in finnish metal and rap scenes but not in the rock scene. At least not in the way we used to do things when we were young & shitfaced punk rockers. And well, yeah, thats where we actually got the idea." - Jukka / Johnny Get The Rifle.

The goal of the album is to create and grow the support for Finnish rock bands that make music in English. Music on the compilation varies from punk to rock and from rock to pop. Its got older bands and newer ones and to show support for the new generation of Finnish rock bands RIF collective brought in a new and uprising talent - Dawn. Now it's up to you. Check out the bands and show your love!

ROCK IN FINGLISH @ iTunes (sample links - The Album is available worldwide):

ROCK IN FINGLISH @ Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/3IEFWmi8kY85FJTxcwu2D8

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