Ready, set, GO! - Or no-go?

All things clear, we were ready for the last bit of practise before the studio lock up. But first we needed to dig out good ol' SpyroVan, the poor thing had been buried in snow in the freezing cold winter for two months since we had taken a break from touring for the time of the album preparations...

So, a bit of shovel work, and then a bit of extra power to the battery from another car. No luck. Not even the slightest sign of life. So rocker muscle needed to give the push the engine would not: van out of the snow and on the road. Still no luck with starting the engine, though.

After three hours of pushing the Van in front of Fakiiri Audio, two things were decided: 1. we would bring the gear to E-Studio in our personal cars, and 2. skip practise and go home to drink something warm; three hours of sweating in the freezing cold winter night had left us all exhausted.