Rocking out Finlands largest illuminated cemetery

Sparkling The driver on duty The announcer The Spyro @ Vinkalo, Hämeenlinna

Hämeenlinna, being the former hometown for Olli and Simo, was familiar place for us to do a gig. The exiting thing about going to Suisto was (in addition to Suisto being a great place to play) that this was our first trip in The Spyro van. So we started the journey by Olli opening a bottle of sparkling... too bad for Simo who was driving.

In Suisto everything worked well. Tommi (the local sound tech) is a pro (and a nice dude), so soon after arriving we were all set for the night. Accompanied by Tonis friend Radu, we headed to the legendary Vinkalo bar nearby to spend some time.

The gig itself was great and well documented as Tommi recorded it and photographer Terho Aalto took some incredible live pictures of us. So stay tuned for an update in the photos section!

For us the evening ended in Rock Town, where Amoral had played the same night. When we arrived there, the only thing left from the Ari Koivunen show was one drunken Jone Nikula. But no worries, The Spyro will rock the hell out of Rock Town on 21.8.2009!