Sensual Semifinal Sessions 10.1.2009

"Home Sweet Home". We could say that Helsinki is our spiritual home, though our training facilities and studio lies in Tikkurila, Vantaa. Semifinal is probably the best little Finnish gig venue for bands like us. It´s related to Tavastia, it has a good PA and professional sound engineer, a nice dude.

The gig was well promoted in the Internet and newspapers. Tickets were 7€ from door and 6 € bought in advance and quite many had purchased them in advance. We all were a bit nervous as we had many friends and family members coming to the gig to witness our live performance for the first time. It´s always more unnerving to play for a familiar audience…

The Spyro played as first act and the second band was Afterword from Helsinki. The show started at 10.30 pm and while some people were still arriving the place started to be fully growded.

Semifinal IMG_2087The set contained all our 11 songs and it went so well that people demanded for more. But what can you do? Well, more songs are coming as soon we have enough time to rehearse and arrange them.

Even after consuming litres of water during the gig, after the performance dehydration was quite awful. To ensure recovery we had to fill the little back stage with loads of beer pints.

We had given a solid Spyro performance, so it was time to enjoy from great feeling and friends and also listen to Afterword´s set. Our next gig is in Semifinal too, which is nice.