Session day 1: setting up and tracking drums

The actual recording sessions started in a cold but sunny Thursday morning. We spent some three hours setting up the gear, dropping a couple of hundreds of mics around everything, and doing sound checks. When Jyri was satisfied with the results, it was time for a quick lunch in the “5 euro pizza place” close by.

Simo playing drums After lunch we hit the magical red button, and from there on it was pure cannon fire. In six hours we had finished all drum tracks for the eight songs, and there were plenty of usable bass and guitar takes on tape as well. Jyri did minor changes to some of the songs, but in general we recorded them just as they had been arranged in the pre-production phase.

So it seemed that all long hours of practise had paid off, and things were moving well on schedule. Tired but happy we went home, it's been a hard days night...