Session day 2: going slow, laying back and relaxing :)

Toni playing bassDay number two. Still tired from the hard work the day before, we took a slow and relaxed start this time. A few cups of coffee, some melodies on the grand piano, and of course a listen through all the material from yesterday. Not bad! Toni just needed to do some retakes on the bass tracks for a song or two.

Making arrangements to It Could Be You "It Could Be You" had caused a lot of discussion before... should it be faster and snappier, or maybe a bit more ballady like. In pre-prod we had taken the song into the faster direction (and that’s how we had recorded it on Thursday), but now we wanted to try an alternate version. We just took some acoustic guitars, some percussion instruments and a 70's Hammond drum looper instead of the drum set, and Rhodes and Wurlizer keyboards. Jyri and Vilkku joined the us to play the keyboard parts, and after hitting rec, we just did a semi-improvised jam version of the song in a really slow tempo. That ended up sounding quite amazing! So it might just be that there will also be a real slow song on the album :)

Everything seemed to be so well on track, that we decided to take the weekend off, to raise new ideas and fresh thoughts for the upcoming week. So off to the busy night life of Helsinki we went, and aimed for maximal relaxation...