Session day 4: more guitars

Tweaking guitar sounds Something really strange was going on here in Helsinki: it was even colder than yesterday! I was totally frozen when I came to studio in the morning, brrrr.. Luckily some hot and fresh black coffee helped us to get back in the mood: it was time to continue with the guitars.

At first we listened through yesterday's tracks and decided that there was no need to replay any of the previous takes again. So we moved to the next songs. We had quite an efficient way to record the basic guitars: me and Hape played their guitar parts at the same time in different rooms. That way we could push each other to even better results. So we didn't have to take that much different takes, when we were done with all basic tracks. But that part was easy because most of the songs have kind of similar guitar sounds.

After laying down the basics, things started getting interesting... The aim was to find the perfect sound for all the melody parts etc. We tried tons of different things: amps, effects, mics, guitars..

It took hours and hours of playing, but in the evening we were done. And I can tell you: it sounds great! We still had some time left so we added some keyboards by Vilkku and Jyri and Simo played some percussion. Olli started his job and he did some really cool vocals on Fugitive. Wholaa, we are happy! :)