Session day 6: Last day- alles klar, Herr Komissaar?

Olli screaming his lungs out! Last studio day started again in sunny freezing weather. I had sing all the other lead vocals on the day before and now it was time to concentrate on two of our sweetest songs. Plain and Simple and It Could Be You (witch had had a face lift or vice versa on the previous week) We had ordered tons of pink Cotton Candy, balloons and moaning virgins to the studio to ensure the right poppy mood. NOT, but definitely next time. At least Antti turned off the lights when I started to sing ICBY. While recording Palin ( Sarah or Michael?) and Simple, producer Jyri listened to The Wannadies song Hit because he remembered that it had the same kind of atmosphere in it but not exactly;) It´s a good song thought.


Mika & Jyri Well, we had few beers and some candy, but still some backing vocs and keys to be finished. The clock was ticking. I did some bac vocs and Vilkku too and she also played piano parts for Don´t Show Your Weakness with grand piano (it´s brand was Estonia)

Our newest band member, Jali the keyboard playing dog! The evening crew darker and it was eight o'clock, I was still in the vocal booth and Simo, Hape and Antti were cleaning up the studio. But finally everything was ready. All drums, bass tracks, geetars, keyboards, vocals, handclaps and percussion. What a miracle, what a fantastic voyage! Six days in the studio isn't that long time when you're recording whole album, but we were well prepared and days were long, Hooray for The Spyro, Jyri, Vilkku, Mika, Jali and E-studio. Now we have to wait for the mixing and mastering process, anything can and will still happen=) Over and out