Status Update

It's been a while.. In the last blog post we were in the studio, recording new killer songs. And guess what - so much has happened since that!

The debut album is released, the first single 'We Are Poor' is released. We had a fantastic record release party in Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki. Thanks to everyone who took took part in it!

Olli at UMK press We also took part in the ‘Contest for New Music’ (Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu), which replaced the Eurovision Song Contest qualifications this year in Finland. Our song 'Teleport My Heart' made it to the TOP40 out of 540 songs. Let's see if our cosmic love story reaches the TOP12 in the finnish qualifications.

It has been amazing year so far and we want to thank everyone of you! We can promise - next year will be even more memorable!

So let's keep on rocking and enjoying the life. Listen to our cosmic love story here:
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See you soon!