Still waiting (still raining, still dreaming)

Since we had such a great weekend (March 17th - 19th) with lots of activity, why not share it with all you guys :)

It had been already THREE MONTHS since our last gig, so it was thrilling to be back on stage at Liberte on Thursday the 17th. Seriously, we should never be off stage that long. Never. Playing at Liberte is always fun, such a nice and intimate small club. Mitja did great work with the sound as always, and the people seemed to enjoy the show which included some new songs as well. Was nice to see the reactions to the new songs (or new versions of old songs). Those will soon be shared with the rest of the world also :)

On Friday after the show, we headed to Tampere. We needed to get educated so we had decided to go to Akun Tehdas to check out the Viihteelle training... a collection of lectures aimed for anyone interested in the current state of music business. Most of the stuff was well known to us already before, but I have to say that Heidi Kormano gave a really good presentation on working with media. Highly appreciated, Heidi, Thanks!

After driving back to Helsinki, we all wen't home and had some good sleep. Well at least some of us did (me and Toni might have explored my Scotch collection at my place a bit). On Saturday we had a band meeting at my house. So after waking up and shaking off the dizziness of last night, Toni and I went to get some supplies. Veggies and stuff for tortillas - check. Bottle of Ultra Death Chili sauce - check. Some beer - check. In the heat of the night, while eating tortillas, going to sauna and so on, we also decided the name for our upcoming album, made some touring strategies, and also did this: :D