Studio session Feb 09: Golden cuts in Tikkurila

The Spyro was to start their second official studio session. This time the first problem was guite a positive one: due to our limited studio time we had to choose only two songs to record. We had actually already made the decision, but then Hape introduced a new song wich soon got the name Hostile Voices, and became a favorite to us all. This time we decided to  be patient and let the new song mature like good wine.

The session started as before; Toni had opened Jaloviina on Friday and had himself a hangover, but fortunately a creative one. At least this time he was on time at the studio :) We agreed to record two songs: Where Have All The Bad Girls Gone and Have I Been Followed.

Simo and Hape had got their gear ready on Friday and the rest of the guys appeared on Saturday to a prepared crimescene. Simo and his drums were in tune and when the drum tracks for the two songs were done we actually had spare time for a third song, and Desert Cube was chosen.

After the dinner break Toni started his job with a little help from his friends and some Australian red wine. As the night grew darker Toni was done and Hape started to lay down his guitar tracks. Our hostile friend red wine started to affect, so it was time to call it a day and head to the pub for a moment of relaxation.

Wall of soundDay 2 started at 10am on Sunday, as Hape started to setup the impressive Wall Of Sound from the guitar amps. He was quite surprised to find Toni sleeping at the studio (apparently he had crawled in some time during the night). After doing Hapes tracks we added a few more amps to the wall and Antti was ready to kick in. Toni was starting to show some signs of life. By the time Antti was done Toni was also wide awake.

Finally it was Ollis turn to start recording the vocal tracks. Voice warm-up consisted of old finnish schlagers and 1995 Hockey world championship song "Den glider in". With a little help from internets large library of beautiful women, the right atmosphere  was succesfully built-up. First Olli sang Where have all the Bad Girls Gone. The first take was okay, but we took few more takes  just to get the best out of our singer. Secong song was Have I Been Followed and third came Desert Cube. The lyrics for Desert Cube were still missing some final touches when we started the day, but by the end of the day Olli had the final lyrics ready.

Our weekend was very productive. We completed almost all the three songs, being short of only one guitar solo and all  the backing vocals, and we also managed to spend a happy night in Tikkurilas pubs. Go The Spyro!!