The Spyro and Jingle Bells in Harjavalta

First gig in Harjavalta

The Spyro were to make their first official gig in Harjavalta, a little southwestern Finnish town. Harjavalta is a cosy town in factory infrastructure with it´s 8000 resident´s. Harjavalta lies 30 km from Pori, Finland´s Jazzcapital. Pori Jazz is international festival, but The Spyro has nothing to do with jazz.

Live Rock Cafe

The gig venue was Live Rock Cafe, a small cosy bar maintained by Make, who played drums in one of the three acts of the Jouluräyhä/Christmasruckus. The other bands were Korus (yes with K) and Hangover Music Company. In the afternoon we set up the amplifiers and drums to a three square meter stage and made a soundcheck. There honestly was not so much to do ´cause the PA system was only for the vocals. But it was allright, more time for enjoying the refreshments, nice atmosphere in Hotel Marilyn (our accommodation) and the company of a few fans from Pori.

Hotel Marilyn

We raffled the two rooms. The unlucky one who would share room with Antti was to drink with him until 7 am, because guitarist Antti´s train would leave at 7.30 am and there was a chance to miss it if one would fall asleep. Drummer Simo got the poor lottery ticket but eventually vocalist Olli was the one, who stayd up till 7 am. Red wine and eggs helped to fulfil the task. All´s well in the end but then again NOT; Antti got lost on the straight way to the railway station and missed the train, poor bastard.

The Act and Kate Moss

The Spyro wished to play as a first act and their wish was done. There was about 30-40 people in the bar at 10.15 pm, ready to take the rocksermon of Pastor Olli and the other reverends. First song was Plain and Simple followed by Don´t show your weakness and We´re the Libertines. Some of you dedicated readers might wonder does this song have anything to do with Pete Doherty and the answer is Kate Moss. Maybe the only narrow string between these two bands. We simply just love Kate and the clothing collection she´s done for the Topshop... upss, back to the gig.

The Spyro played all their 11 ready songs and when people wanted more we had to refuse, cause there were no more songs to play. Sorry guys, next time, next year. The gig was a good opening for the gigs and tours to come. We were sweating and getting nicely drunk because the friendly doorman had delivered beers to the stage. After the gig more beer and Jari´s special from the grillkiosk. Jari´s special consists from meat pasty, egg and bacon, what a greasy appetizer, yummy!

Red Wine in the Hotel Premises

After we had enjoyed the refreshments of Live Rock Cafe and the music of the other bands it was time to head to the hotel and taste some sweet Australian red wine. So long till next time, till next year.

The Set

  1. Plain and Simple
  2. Don´t Show Your Weakness
  3. We´re the Libertines
  4. Where Have All the Bad Girls Gone
  5. Dreams
  6. I´m Not the One
  7. Twins
  8. Have I Been Followed
  9. Birthday-song
  10. My Bordello
  11. Desert Cube