The long and agonizing wait

If you really want to hurt a musician, put him in a studio to lay down some tracks.... but don't let him hear the final results for a month :)

It's now been a month since our album sessions at E-Studio, and since then we've done nothing but waited. Well actually we've rehearsed a lot and prepared for hitting the road again, but it feels like nothing since we know that at the same time our producer is working hard on the material we just played... and since we've given him quite a lot of freedom, we really don't know what to except. Well actually we know to except f**ing amazing results, but still.. The session it self was incredibly quick (8 songs in 6 days, that IS fast) since we were so well prepared, but mixing that many songs is bound to take some time.

So, we'll try to wait patiently. In the mean time, here's a video with some teasers :)