Turku Mystical Hangover Massacre

The Past

The Spyro landed to Turku, former finnish capital. Turku is the fifth largest city in Finland with 175 683 inhabitants. Turku was the official capital of Finland until 1812. Then his fucking highness Emperor of Russia decided it was too far from Russia and wanted to move capital. Finally in "the Great fire of Turku" it lost it´s status for Helsinki 1827. Good for us, not for Turku.

The Trip

The Spyro travelled light with two passenger cars. Drummer Simo and a friend of the band Antti were the designated drivers. We are still missing a Spyrovan, home on wheels, but maybe someday we´ll our own tourbus . On the way we were trying to suck some rock´roll spirit out of the music of Twisted Sister and Kiss and some of us from poor essence cider.

The Stars

The Spyro (Helsinki-Vantaa-Kerava-Espoo), a Turku based mystical rockband Mystons and Hangover Music Company from Pori were playing in TVO, wich is one of many the student clubs of Turku University. Bands have been playing in TVO since 1964. In couple of years the club is supposed to close down. Sad but true.

The Place

TVO is living room-like cosy club. There´s no stage at all but it does have a sufficient PA-system, few lights and a mixerman by the house. There is also guite big backstage with couches and frigde. In this nights playing order The Spyro was to play as second so there was plenty time to chill in the backstage before and after the gig.

The Act

When Hangover musicians started as first there were only few spectators in the place, but the band didn´t let it affect on their beersteamy show. In the middle of the set finally one paying customer arrived.

TVO 09The Spyro started as a second act, and luckily there were 25-30 people in the house. Turku is well-known pop/rock-city, but maybe the freezing weather had scared popprincesses and hairy rockers away. The gig went well with lots of enthusiasm. Guitarplayers and bassplayer went crazy, because there was two times more space compared to previous gig in Harjavalta. In fact cause there was no stage, the players were able to move where they wanted. It scares me what will happen if they come up with idea to get wireless instruments. The honored audience gave the band polite aplodes and in the end some of them even dared to shout cheers for our buskermen.

It´s always sweaty business playing rock`roll and luckily the beverages were cheap to the band-members.

As third act was Mystons, who played mystical rock´n roll in the candlelight. Nice fellows and I´ll bet we will meet them again.

The Aftertaste

The staff of TVO were nice people and I recommend every band to go play there before the club closes down. The Spyro will return to Turku in May to another student club: S-Osis. But that´s another story boys and girls.